numan interviewed four voice actors in Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle; Haruki Ishiya, Wataru Komada, Yukihiro Nozuyama, and Ryuichi Kijima.We are going to publish this long interview in four parts: for the 1st episode, we asked them to look back on memories with members of each division.

Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle, a rap-song project with cartoon characters played by 12 voice actors has become popular rapidly since September 2017. Quality of songs and lyrics by professional creators have been improving more and more. Additionally, after Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle- Battle Season, an event that fans’ votes decide winners and losers, it has gotten an impregnable position.

Music Video Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle by Division All Stars published on YouTube was viewed over 15 million times and Hypnosis Mic: Division Battle Anthem over 22 million (As of April 15th 2019).
They are going to release Enter the Hypnosis Microphone, the first full music album including 5 new songs on April 24th.

numan interviewed four voice actors; Haruki Ishiya, playing Jiro Yamada known as Buster Bros!!!”; Wataru Komada, playing Jyuto Iruma for Yokohama DivisionMAD TRIGGER CREW; Yukihiro Nozuyama, playing Dice Arisugawa for Shibuya Division “Fling Posse”; and Ryuichi Kijima, playing Hifumi Izanami for Shinjuku DivisionMatenro”.
We are going to publish this long interview in four parts: for the 1st episode, we asked them to look back on memories with members of each division.

【第1回】『ヒプノシスマイク』石谷春貴×駒田航×野津山幸宏×木島隆一ロングインタビュー/速水奨はパパ、浅沼晋太郎はいい匂い!? リーダー談義
【第1回】『ヒプノシスマイク』石谷春貴×駒田航×野津山幸宏×木島隆一ロングインタビュー/速水奨はパパ、浅沼晋太郎はいい匂い!? リーダー談義

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About Leaders: Asanuma-san Smells Good!?

In the beginning, let us know your frank feeling looking back your memories from when you attended the project of Hypnosis Mic at first. Also, I’d like to hear stories about leaders for each division!

Nozuyama: No leaders are here today. We can say whatever we want!

Kijima: Yes, we can… Just kidding. We should not do that! *Laugh*

Ishiya: Let’s begin with Subaru- (Kimura) san about Drama Track. Oh, by the way, there is a character Mr. Bintaro Cora(*1), a rapper who really looks alike Subaru-san.

*1 Bintaro Cora appeared as a mysterious person who made lyrics for Ichiro Yamada’s solo: however, as many fans have already known, the identity is publicly disclosed as Subaru Kimura himself.

Komada: It is amazing that he can make rap music for each character according to scenes.

Nozuyama: It’s impossible unless he’s an expert in rap or Hip Hop music. In addition, he considers a character’s personality to produce lyrics - it’s awesome.

Komada: For general songs, you should consider just to make a sense of unity of the song. On the other hand, for Hypnosis Mic, you can’t write lyrics to destroy each character’s background story. Regarding his passion for Hypnosis Mic world, his skill to understand characters and representation, he’s not in the same league as we are.

Kijima: He is nice because he enjoys that.

Nozuyama: He makes us to follow him spontaneously!

Kijima: Besides, he never make complaints! No one can't follow him. His smile represents his personality.

Ishiya: What is the greatest is he himself always looks like fun. He answers whatever we ask. Especially Ikebukuro members are totally relying on him!


Ep1. Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: Interview1

Komada: Next is about (Shintaro) Asanuma-san. He’s good at performance on the stage. He has objective perspective as the third person and knows how audience sees him.

Kijima: Because he’s a producer.

Komada: In fact, he’s the second oldest after (Sho) Hayami-san. Nevertheless, he never be cynical - he plays with younger members like us and talks with everyone equally. Though he gives sound opinions likeYou should have done this to make you look better,” he is a good leader who can praise us and lighten the mood.

Ishiya: Asanuma-san… he smells nice.

All: *Laugh*

Ishiya: No, I am not joking…He always gives off a pleasant smell softly. I don’t mean to connect his smell, he says everything softly, too.
Also, when Nozu-kun (Nozuyama) and I was planning to hangout all night because we missed last train, he bothered to come with us.

Nozuyama: He’s looking after me well, too. Just the other day, he asked me “What do you want for your birthday?”

All: What!?

Nozuyama: I said “I want a mods coat!”, then he promptly replied “OK!” I was almost screaming “Samatoki-sama!”

Ishiya: You are mercenary! *Laugh*

Kijima: You are kind of a flip. *Laugh* But Samatoki himself is affectionate. He always cares about his young sister.

Speaking of membersage, not only Kimura-kun but also (Yusuke) Shirai-kun is close to us. At Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: 3rd Live at Odaiba, he and I got makeup at the same time.

He seemed to listen to my conversation about a shaver with a makeup artist. When I left the room, Shirai-kun asked me “What shaver do you use?” As I replied “Lamdash (by Panasonic),” he said “I like it! You use ‘Ramudash.’ I like it!” *Laugh*

Komada: He’s funny. *Laugh* He just wants to sayRamuda”!

Nozuyama: He is mysterious same as Ramuda. For me, in a good way, he’s free-spirited and sensitive like an artist.

All: That makes sense.

Komada: You flatter your division’s leader.

Nozuyama: What? I think I also praised other leaders, Kimura-san and Asanuma-san!

Komada: You talked about only the story you asked a mods coat regarding our leader Asanuma-san! About Subaru-kun, you mentioned him as “an earthen pipe”?(*2)

Ishiya: Sounds like an accident. *Laugh*

Nozuyama: I never said that! *Laugh*

Kijima: What on earth are you talking about? *Laugh*

*2 Subaru Kimura plays Takeshi Goda "Gian" for Doraemon, the character  known as a terrible kid singer who always performs on an earthen pipe in the park.


Ep1. Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: Interview2

Nozuyama: Well, regarding Shinjuku Division, Hayami-san is like my Dad!(*3)

*3 Nozuyama belongs to the production that Sho Hayami represents.

Kijima: People always ask you when your family name changes to Hayami.

Nozuyama: Hypnosis Mic was brutal because it made me to battle my Dad from the beginning! I wanted to fight with him at the finals at least...

Ishiya: It was better than head-to-head.

Kijima: I understand what he means. It was brutal. *Laugh*

Ishiya: How would you do if you battle Hayami-san in the true meaning?

Nozuyama: We can’t see Hayami-san’s eyes when he performs as Jakurai at live shows because he always wears one-way mirrored sunglasses, which looks good on his mysterious character. Because of this, I can see him just as Jakurai even if battle him face-to-face.

All: I see!

Ishiya: Hayami-san looks after all of us - eleven members.

Komada: He has by far the longest career among us. He’s so kind.

Nozuyama: Oh! You remind me of the time when I visited the recording for “The Champion (*4).”

*4 The song for Shinjuku Division that won the first place for the battle season.

Kijima: I remember that I was wondering why you came to our workplace. *Laugh*

Nozuyama: At the studio, the director Zeebra-san said about Hayami-san that “His good voice is so persuasive.”

Kijima: His way of life is like a “flow” of rap music.

Komada: People should be astonished when they hear that Hayami-san sings rap music, but he actually has good chemistry with it.

Ishiya: He has a power to make people convinced. Each leader has different character. We can respect all of them!

For the 1st episode, the talk about leaders for each division has become animated. Ishiya, Komada, Nozuyama, Kijima could talk for forever!
They will talk about the other members for each division for the second episode. Please look forward to next article!

【第1回】速水奨はパパ、浅沼晋太郎はいい匂い!? 各リーダー談義(※本記事)
【第2回】天﨑滉平&神尾晋一郎が睨み合い!? 伊東健人は”ラブラドール”!?/各チームメンバーについて
【第3回】2nd&3rd LIVE振り返り!「シャンパンゴールド」を歌いたい!?
【第4回】初のフルアルバム「Enter the Hypnosis Microphone」の聴きどころ

2nd LIVE@シナガワ《韻踏闘技大會》オリジナル絶叫レポート!


石谷春貴(Ishiya Haruki)


【第1回】『ヒプノシスマイク石谷春貴×駒田航×野津山幸宏×木島隆一ロングインタビュー numan13

石谷春貴(いしや はるき)

Haruki Ishiya
As Jiro Yamada “Buster Bros!!!” for Ikebukuro Division

Birthday: January 14th
Birthplace: Miyazaki Prefecture
Hobby: Jogging
Work Examples:
-    AKIBA'S TRIP: THE ANIMATION, Tamotsu Denkigai
-    Sound! Euphonium, Shuichi Tsukamoto
-    On-Air!, Mikado Aoyagi

駒田航( Komada Wataru )


【第1回】『ヒプノシスマイク石谷春貴×駒田航×野津山幸宏×木島隆一ロングインタビュー numan16

駒田航(こまだ わたる)

Wataru Komada
As Juto IrumaMAD TRIGGER CREW” for Yokohama Division

Birthday: September 5th
Birthplace: Germany
Hobby: English, taking pictures
Work Examples:
-    THE iDOLM@STER: SideM, Chris Koron
-    Ensemble Stars!, Akiomi Kunugi

野津山幸宏(Nozuyama Yukihiro)


【第1回】『ヒプノシスマイク石谷春貴×駒田航×野津山幸宏×木島隆一ロングインタビュー numan19

野津山幸宏(のづやま ゆきひろ)

Yukihiro Nozuyama
As Dice Arisugawa “Fling Posse” for Shibuya Division

Birthday: December 24th
Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture
Hobby: Collecting sandglasses, visiting planetarium, sound effect, sit-ups
Work Examples:
-    Monster Strike, Motonari Mori

木島隆一(Kijima Ryuichi)


【第1回】『ヒプノシスマイク石谷春貴×駒田航×野津山幸宏×木島隆一ロングインタビュー numan22

木島隆一(きじま りゅういち)

Ryuichi Kijima
As Hifumi IzanamiMatenro” for Shinjuku Division

Birthday: March 29th
Birthplace: Hokkaido Prefecture
Hobby: Working out at the gym
Work Examples:
-    Namuamida Butsu!: Rendai Utena, Monju Bosatsu
-    Fire Emblem Awakening, Azure

【第2回】天﨑滉平&神尾晋一郎が睨み合い!? 伊東健人は”ラブラドール”!?
【第2回】天﨑滉平&神尾晋一郎が睨み合い!? 伊東健人は”ラブラドール”!?

ヒプノシスマイク-Division Rap Battle-』。4つの各ディビジョンから石谷春貴さん、駒田航さん、野津山幸宏さん、木島隆一さんをお迎えし、全4回にわたるロングインタビューをお届けしています! 第2回では、チームメンバーキャラクターついてを中心に伺いました。

【第3回】『ヒプノシスマイク』石谷春貴×駒田航×野津山幸宏×木島隆一ロングインタビュー/2nd&3rd LIVE振り返り!歌いたいのはあの曲
【第3回】『ヒプノシスマイク』石谷春貴×駒田航×野津山幸宏×木島隆一ロングインタビュー/2nd&3rd LIVE振り返り!歌いたいのはあの曲

第3回となるロングインタビューは、2nd3rd LIVEの思い出やお気に入りの楽曲を中心に伺っています。『ヒプノシスマイク-Division Rap Battle-』より、石谷春貴さん、駒田航さん、野津山幸宏さん、木島隆一さんをお迎えしてお届けしています!

Ep1. Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: Interview for four voice actors!